The Vision Africa Community Foundation is a Non-Profit project which focuses on empowering and improving the lives of people in our local communities as well as wildlife conservation projects too. The Foundation has created many long term, meaningful projects in these communities and allows volunteers to work with us on these projects. These projects do really make a difference in many lives and is very rewarding for participants who help on this project.

Volunteers can work at our school, crèche, playground and swimming pool. We are also assisting a project which feeds up to 150 children a day. Volunteers will also assist in our community farming project.

Community Farming Initiative

This project offers volunteers an opportunity to assist the local community in farming. By assisting and consulting we are able introduce conservation orientated farming practices into these community farms while still assisting the local community in their lives! A great hands-on project with long term benefits for the community and the wildlife living in the vicinity of these farms.

The Crèche

Volunteers spend time at our local crèche and assist in the day to day running as well as lesson/game planning and implementation. Volunteers also assist in all other duties at the crèche including food preparation for the 100 children at the crèche.
Volunteers will also assist in the construction of new facilities at the crèche such as jungle-gyms, toilets shade roof etc.

The School

Volunteer will assist teachers at our little primary school in all aspects of the school functioning. This includes lessons, playtime, physical education, maintenance and management. Volunteers are encouraged to give a presentation on their country as many of the learners are very eager to learn about the world.

Playground, Swimming Pool and Tennis Courts

We as a company manage the local public swimming pool facilities, the playgound and the public tennis courts. Volunteers assist us in this as well as interacting and giving basic lessons in tennis coaching and swimming.

Community Duty

We also work with the Department of Social Welfare and The SA Police Service to address and assist on many social issues within our communities. These projects include assisting less fortunate families in different ways including housing and food. Another project we do is provide sanitary pads and other hygiene products to learners at our schools who cannot afford these products.
The Foundation also runs a regular Movie night at the community hall whereby we set up a big-screen and show films for all ages. There are no cinemas in this area and many kids here have not been to a cinema before.

This project also provides a safe and responsible form of entertainment for all ages in our community. This means that less young teenagers etc. are going to the local informal bars and night clubs. These clubs and bars have contributed to a spike in teen pregnancies and kids getting into trouble with police. The movie night helps to minimise this as the youngsters have an alternative form of entertainment. It proved very popular!

The Foundation works with local old age facilities to assist in proper services being offered to the elderly in our area.

Daily Duties and Experiences

The normal volunteer day will include some of the following depending on which work schedule is followed.


  • Leave base for the local town
  • Assist at School
  • Assist at Crè che
  • Assist with Community Duty functions and events
  • Work on Farming Project
  • Tennis and Swimming Lessons
  • Playground Assistance

12H00 - Lunch & Assist at Local Orphanage to supply meals to 150 children at lunchtime


  • Work with selected families and assistance
  • Work on Farming Projects
  • Tennis and Swimming Lessons
  • Set up movie nights

18H00 - Dinner

20H00  - MOVIE NIGHT assist until 10pm (Fridays or Saturdays).

Sundays are off duty time and is used for laundry, personal accommodation cleaning and private time.

Accommodation is on a sharing basis in a student chalet at our Wildlife Reserve in Safari Tents or at Farm House.

Meals are included but volunteers are expected to assist in cooking and clean up duties.